Premium Content for Less with Kwesés Price Drop Promotion

Premium Content for Less with Kwesés Price Drop Promotion

10 September 2018 Staying true to its intention of being an affordable premium content broadcaster, Kwesé TV has launched an exciting price drop promotion for its customers. Starting this September, and for a limited time only, one months subscription to Kwesé TV will cost a significantly reduced ZMW 185.00 (VAT and TV levy inclusive) for the full bouquet.

In a time when the cost of living and subscription service fees continue to increase across the continent, this promotion aims to give African consumers much needed relief. The price promotion sees Kwesé TVs monthly subscription fee drop by ZMWK100.00 from the original ZMW 255.00 price point, offering premium sports and entertainment content for less.

“As a new and growing business on the continent, it is important that we keep a close eye on our audiences viewing and purchasing habits. We have seen that consumers are increasingly opting for reasonably priced subscription services, as opposed to high end TV subscriptions, explained Econet Media CEO and President, Joseph Hundah.

“While there is clear appetite for alternative TV entertainment, Kwesé wants to provide content that is both engaging and inexpensive. The primary objective of this promotion is to make our product offering more accessible to viewers at all income levels. We want to reward our loyal subscribers as well as incentivize new subscribers looking for premium home entertainment that doesnt break the bank, Hundah added.

Kwesés ZMW185.00 (VAT and TV levy inclusive) price promotion is only applicable to its monthly subscription service of ZMW255.00 (VAT and TV levy inclusive). During the eight-week promotion the three and seven-day subscription services will be suspended. Considering the overall saving, why not take up the more economical a monthly subscription.

Whats more, Kwesé viewers can look forward to exciting content changes over the next few months which will give viewers more of what you want and less of what they dont need. Kwesé will continue to streamline and reconfigure its programming line-up during the price promotion period, further tailoring its content bouquet. The bouquet reconfiguration will be guided by channel performance and popularity over the past two years.

There has never been a better time to remain a Kwesé TV subscriber, so be sure to renew your subscription this month and continue to enjoy your favourite content for less.

Visit your nearest Kwesé branded store(s) to purchase a decoder and dish for ZMW 340.00 (inclusive of one-month free subscription) to cash in on this sweet deal.


Notes to Editors

About Econet Media

A subsidiary company of the globally networked Econet Group founded by Executive Chairman Strive Masiyiwa, Econet Media is a dynamic content business driving the development of Kwesé, a fresh new television brand. Created for Sub-Saharan African audiences, Kwesé is inspired by the TV everywhere revolution. As such, a range of Kwesé products will be made available on satellite and internet based platforms, including video-on-demand and mobile options.

Focused on providing premium, affordable, exclusive viewing, Kwesé products will offer sports, music, movies, series, kids, lifestyle, faith, news and other programming. Consumers will also benefit from the infrastructural strength of Econet Media sister companies, Liquid Telecom and Econet Wireless. Their expertise and capacity in the areas of mobile and fixed telephony services, broadband, internet, satellite and fibre optic networks will be utilized to establish Kwesé products. In addition, Econet Media has invested intensively to build its own operational assets.

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