Management at Gemcanton Emerald Mines Ltd of Lufwanyama is not reasonably aware of any arbitration awards allegedly entered against it by the International Court of Arbitration as reported in the Bloomberg Newspapers.

The Company is presently not aware of any Arbitration awards or legal costs entered against it by any court whether locally or internationally.

Gemcanton Ltd further questions the legality of the purpoted arbitration award documents being published in the media before being registered in a court of Domicility for possible enforcement after satisfying the local law in accordance with the ICC statutes.

As per international legal norms and practices, any judgement entered into by an International Court lacks judicial enforceability until it is registered into a local court with sovereign enforceable jurisdiction for possible action as the Arbitration court lacks that authority.

Not until this purpoted International Judgement is registered and considered in Zambian sovereign courts for possible enforcement in accordance with the Zambian law under which Gemcanton Ltd is registered. We shall continue to treat this matter as baseless hearsay without any legal backing.

This we question because Arbitration Court documents remain highly classified until registration therefore, this is tantamount to a breach of confidentiality implicit in both ICC and the unicitral rules. Aside there are no records were any witnesses of Gemcanton Mining Ltd were heard to authenticate a matter and the arbitration awards.

Former and Sole proprietor of globally renowned emerald mine, Grizzly Mining Company now a joint venture with British Virgin Island- based Frango Finance Ltd, Mr Ndiaye’s unwavering hospitality and support through the Company’s Social Responsibility remains embedded on the lips of traditional leaders, women, men , youths and children of Lufwanyama.

Mr Ndiaye popularly known as “Gounase” remains a household name and a person devoted to a share of his resources to the welfare of the local people of Lufwanyama District which embraces two chiefdoms with a population totalling over 20,000 people.

Issued by:

*Babra Shilengwe*
*Spokesperson-Grizzly Mining Ltd* .