Kambwili Claims Kampyongo Wants Him Arrested For Treason

An audio recording has emerged between Chishimba Kambwili and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyonga in which the former is accusing the former of instructing the Police to slap  him with a treason charge.
According to the recorded conversation, Kambwili is telling Kampyonga that he is aware that he is  in his office with the Inspector General of Police  discussing how they will arrest him (Kambwili) on a treason charge.
But the adamant Kampyonga tells Kambwili that he will sort him out for playing “with his project” which he says is for “our people”.
But Kambwili wonders why Kampyongo is scheming to unleash the police on him when he is merely speaking for the voiceless.
The conversation goes like this:

Kambwili: ba
Kampyongo mulishani?

Kampyongo: Bwino mulishani ba Kambwili

Kambwili: Mwapwisha meeting ya kumpela treason? Fwose efyo muchitile discuss na ba IG, natufishiba, I am ready to be arrested for treason. Yonse ama instruction yafumine from State House to you and the IG…so muli mu meeting nombaline, I know about it. You can come through, you are with the IG and police officers.

Kampyongo: Kambwili, don’t be so cheap, don’t be so much of a coward if you don’t know what you are doing.

Kambwili: No, just come and arrest me for treason, I am ready for you.

Kampyongo: Kambwili, I will teach a lesson, stop playing with my projects. Those projects you are playing with, you know how they are important to our people.

Kambwili: Kampyongo,
Kampyongo when you speak for the people, it is not playing with the project. We should not allow these investors because they are doing projects for the police to ill-streat the people. You, you are an MP just like me and if people come to your home, as a Member of Parliament they complain, complain to you as Member of Parliament that we are being ill- treated and you talk to them, it is not treason and you cannot say, ‘if you are playing with my projects, I will teach you a lesson’, you can’t say that. I am telling you, you can’t say that but anyway, I have recorded you

Kampyongo interjects: You can do what you want to do.

Kambwili: I have recorded you that you will teach me a lesson because I am playing with your projects. Go ahead and bring your officers to come and arrest me.

Kampyongo: I am telling you that this foolishness of yours…You are so childish.
Kambwili: I am childish…give them that instruction, they are in your office, I know.

Kampyongo: you are childish.
Kambwili: I am childish but…