Muna Sigh Jnr Proves To Be Better Than His Father

THE 2018 Zambia Motor Sport Association(ZMSA) calendar came to close on Sunday with Muna Singh Jr being crowned champion for the 4th time in a roll.
Muna Singh Jr who was up against his father and his brother finished among the top seven in the 2018 Motul Maxxist and CST motor rally which kick started on Saturday, November 17th and finished on Sunday November 18 with Zubair Essa winning the rally and seeing his older brother crushing out of the race. Speaking in an interview, Muna Singh Jr said he did not have any plans to win the championship.
“Going into this year, we did not have any plans to win the championship, but am pleased with myself for having won the championship four times in a roll,” Muna Jr said. Muna Jr will have to see how it goes as he is trying to apply for sponsors and see what finaciers will offer.
“Going into next year, we will still focus on the Zambian Championship. In the beginning of this year, I went into the year thinking on the outside events but sponsors were not there to help us go outside the country. So, we decided to focus on the Zambian Championship. Even next year, we will focus on the local championship so that we can return it for the fifth time,” Muna Jr said.
He observed that the local competition is very tough.
“The competition is very, very stiff I must say. When you go Tanzania for example, you only have one or two guys competing with you, but here in Zambia, you have to look around for the top six drivers. You know, we have class A and in class A, we have 8-10 drivers you have to fight with. Just that shows you the calibre we have here. As you saw the South African Champion was here competing with us and unfortunately his car broke down, but you could say there is potential and there is skill. Even though they have better cars and better machinery that side in South Africa, we have the skill here. We just need to have better machinery and we will become better drivers,” Muna Jr explained.
Muna, however, noted that it was not easy to reach the finishing line and wrap up among the top seven. “It was difficult to pull through to the finishing line,” Muna noted. My main threats going into this race were Muhammad Issa and Farook Ticklay who both wanted me to crumble but fortunately they are the ones who did and this worked in my favour. There is plenty of competition, Zubair Essa who won the event did put up some amazing times as well as my Dad ( Muna Singh Sr). Leroy Gomes has also stepped up the pace, I am sure he is moving to class A next year. So, getting in the top five, you really have to fight for it now,” He added.
Muna stated that he loves motor sport as it is a sport that brings families together. “You know, the reason why we are doing this sport is because it brings the family together, it is a sociable sport. Even when we enter a race as competitors within the three crews in the family, we use one tent during service time. It is not like when we are competing someone says ‘no don’t talk to me am racing against you’, no it’s not like that. We talk and laugh as family. So, this is a sport that brings families together and that is the more reason why l like this sport,” Muna Jr stated. And 2018 Motul, Maxxist and CST Motor Rally Zubair Essa said this win meant a lot to him. “This means the world to me, especially because I have not had much luck this season. This season, I have not finished any rallies, so to get a finish means the world to me and has made me extremely happy. For me to finish first is even better.It is my first win and it means a lot to me,” Zubair said. The top five of the Motul Maxxist and CST Motor Rally were: 1. Zubair Essa. 2.Leroy Gomes. 3.Muna Singh Sr. 4.Muna Singh Jr. 5.Kelvin Mhlanga.