Mr Zambia Escapes Victory Lynching

Mr Zambia Escapes Victory Lynching

UNSATISFIED bodybuilding fanatics almost lynched Mr Zambia Sylvester Mwila shortly after he was announced winner of the 2018 championship.

The fans, who were cheering Clement Shamboko at his every flex did not agree with the judges after they announced Mwila as the winner.

The fans started smashing bottles and pursuing Mwila and the judges.

Mwila, who took home K10,000 outdid 24 other body builders who converged at Lusaka’s Radison Blu Hotel before a panel of judges.

Mwila had to hide for over an hour, after the tournament, from the unruly spectators who hang around the hotel threatening to assault him together with the judges who were whisked away by alert hotel security.

In an interview, Mwila said he deserved the win and would work hard to defend it.

“I deserve to win this and I’m not going to stop now because I feel there is more to give and next year I will enter so that I defend the
title,” said Mwila.

Mwila left the venue under security escort.

This was Mwila’s eighth national championship, which he has held concurrently.

Shamboko was crowned runner up despite being the crowd’s favourite and took home a K5,000.
Mr Kabwata, Joseph Mwale bagged K3,000 for third position.