Ex- Satanist Narrates How He Attempted To Kill Apostle Sinyangwe, Pastor Chipeta

Ex- Satanist Narrates How He Attempted To Kill Apostle Sinyangwe, Pastor Chipeta

The story of Mostard Malambo, 45 can best be told if it’s first flashed back to the early 90s when he was growing up as a teenager in the Southern Province town of Mazabuka. The young Malambo was extremely fascinated with traditional African love charms, luck charms and even tattoos.
Without his knowledge, his love for African charms was slowly driving him to the devil.

At the age of 19, his life underwent a serious shift.  “There was a certain uncle who invited me to his place. After we reached at his place, he showed me where to sleep. As I was sleeping, I had a dream. I dreamt that there was a war in a certain country. After waking up, I found myself underworld and was naked. I saw people being killed prematurely and when my blood was tested so that I be killed, it was found to be bitter for them,” he narrated.
He went on: “Then a prince from under world took us to go and make a covenant. We were four: two Nigerians one Canadian and I. In that same room, there was a T.V which showed us what was happening in the real world. It showed my family mourning over my death as they couldn’t find me after searching for me.”

He went on to narrate that during the period he spent underworld, he was taught about the 5 different types of witchcraft. He said some of the schools he learnt witchcraft from were Inca School of Advanced Witchcraft in England, Voodoo Island, Western Indies, Canada, and New Mexico University of witchcraft.

After about a year and half years underworld, he went back home in Mazabuka. His relatives were surprised to see him as they thought he was dead.
“When my family asked me where I was, my answer was that ‘I went to look for a job’ and they believed because they were blinded. I was given money by the devil to start a small business and shoe repairing. From there, the business grew but we were instructed not look smart but to always dirty. We were told to look like a servant and not the owner of the business,” he narrated.

He narrated that some of the activities he was involved in during his stay in the kingdom of darkness included destroying the marriages of prominent clergymen.He claims that he played a role in the divorce of American Televangelist Ben Hinn and many others. And he narrated that some of the local pastors whose lives he failed to destroy despite several attacks includes Apostle Pastor Sinyangwe (Shalom Embassy), Pastor Panji Chipeta (Kingdom Business Ministries) and the Nigerian based Prophet TB Joshua.

“If someone is very powerful in prayers or is protected by the blood of Jesus, it was impossible for us to attack them. Even if you plan to say ‘I will go for that person’, it all failed. I remember when Radio Christian Voice was still at the farms in Lusaka West, there was this time when we went to attack Panji Chipeta and Sunday Sinyangwe, shortly after they opened ‘Standing in the Gap.’ When they started it, ‘Standing in the Gap’ was so powerful that it was disturbing the underworld. When we reached Christian Voice to attack them, we didn’t know how they disappeared from there. As we were trying to get in, someone told us that they had gone. We tried for several times but failed,” he narrated.

He added that Prophet TB Joshua is yet another cleric he and his colleagues failed to attack despite several earnest attempts.  “We tried to attack TB Joshua but failed. What used to happen was that whenever we go there to attack him, just when we reach the door, the demons in us would start manifesting— thereby making us run away,” he added.

He added that there were also instances where they just destroyed an entire church using certain tactics. “We went to a certain church as visitors. We kept on going there for about three months until they got used to us. After that members stopped giving in offerings then the pastor started complaining. Upon hearing that, we went and got something from the underworld and placed it in the pastor’s basket. After giving them those gifts, they developed the spirit of pride and that eventually led to the collapse of the church,” he recalled.

He went on to explain that another activity he was involved in was the collection of blood from road accident victims and also waste water from mortuaries. He said both blood and water from mortuaries was used for different evil purposes by the underworld. After about 20 years of killing people through road accidents, destroying marriages, destroying the lives of Pastors and committing many other evils, Mr Malambo was in 2010 eventually delivered from Satanism after prayers from Bishop Robert Bwalya (Bethel Church), Pastor Richard Nyambe (Latter Rain Ministries) and later Pastor Paul Tembo.

After his repentance, Mr Malambo relocated to Lusaka. Mr Malambo’s businesses in Mazabuka all collapsed suddenly after his repentance.
Mr Malambo who is under the Pastor Gift Kapalu led Redeemed and Evangelistic Ministries is currently training as a pastor.
Mr Malambo says although some sections of society feel that Satanism doesn’t exist, it actually does.

“Satanism is real, even the things I used in Satanism are there at home. They were prayed for and I keep them for evidence’s sake. Anyone who does not believe me, I just show them the tools and ask them, ‘Have you ever seen those kinds of things before?” he narrated. He said that it is the devil’s wish to convince people that Satanism doesn’t exist. He called on Christians to be prayerful at all times because there were many evil forces that were after their lives and those of their loves, careers and everything that was meaningful in their lives.