Statement On President Lungu’s Watershed Address

March 18th, 2019

Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for setting the tone, in his watershed address to the National Assembly, on how every citizen, including members of Parliament (MPs), opposition political party and other interest group leaders, should be actively involved in the application of national principles and values.

President Lungu was spot on when he urged all Zambians to be patriotic to their country as some disgruntled elements are in the habit of tarnishing the country’s image by peddling falsehoods against Government, and speaking ill of the country.

It is gratifying to note that President Lungu also called upon all patriotic citizens to be pro-active in promoting peace and unity in the nation, fight against corruption, gender inequality, early girl child marriage, drug and alcohol abuse as well as the fight against political violence.

The Head of State retaliated his tacit commitment to the Government’s recently announced consultative and consensus-building constitutional-making road map.

In view of the forgoing, we are appealing to the MPs to digest President Lungu’s speech for them to debate effectively.

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