Dante Saunders Explains Why He Refused To Work For Sata

POLITICAL Analyst Dante Saunders says he was offered a job in the foreign service from late President Michael Chilufya Sata but could not take it because the PF Government been infiltrated by political hijackers and corrupt individuals when the PF formed Government.
And Mr Saunders has sent a warning shot to United Party for National Development(UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema that he will desert him if he allows political vouchers to takeover when he forms Government in 2021.

Speaking in an interview with Kwacha, Mr Saunders said late Sata started off very well as an opposition leaders but only lost track when he embraced party hijackers and corrupt individuals.
Asked why he worked with late Sata who was perceived as a violent leader, the Political Activist argued that the PF and late Sata where not violent when they were in opposition.
“The PF have learnt the art of violence from the MMD. In opposition, the PF was playing clean politics but MMD was violent. Unfortunately MMD has taken its violence to the PF which welcomed them with double hands That is a bottom line,” he said.
Mr Saunders said he warned Mr Sata against working with hijackers and corrupt individuals.
“…but he went against my advise
and embraced people with questionable public records. At that point, I said ‘I will not be part of the PF regime,” he said.
Mr Saunders said he is glad that Mr Sata came to the realization that his Ministers were corrupt, the confession he made publicly.
And Mr Saunders says failure to visit late Sata when he was ill will haunt him for the rest of his life.
He said Sata had invited him to visit him at State House by word of mouth but declined because the invitation was not formal.
Mr Saunders said he could have loved to be with Mr Sata during his trying moment, having given him comfort when he was making attempts to get to State House.
“The thing I regret most is not visiting Sata when he was critically ill. He had made attempts to invite me by word of mouth but I could not go there because the invitation was not formal. I wanted him to write me to avoid embarrassment from his handlers,” Mr Saunders regretted.
Mr Sata wanted to appoint Mr Saunders to serve as Zambian Ambassador to Russia but the Political Activist declined the offer.
He said there was no way that he could work with the PF while in Government because it had gone against the will of the people.
Meanwhile, Mr Saunders said he will dump the UPND, the moment it starts working against the people and start embracing hijackers after forming Government.
“I have told HH to identify his people and not to lose them to avoid falling in the political trap of late Sata. He should be very careful not to lose focus,” Mr Saunders said.
He bragged that he is the longest serving opposition member, having fought the colonial government.
“I would like to retire and enjoy the quiet life with my family but I can’t mwana because things are not right in the country,” he said.
Mr Saunders said he will continue fighting for a Constitution for as long as he is still in active politics
He said the people of Zambia have been very consistence with what they want in the new constitution.