Lopsided Development Agenda Costing Zambia

Daniel Shimunza

DATE: 27/03/2019.


Development that is lopsided, is not what Zambia needs. This is costing Zambians to a large extent. It will be very prudent for the Partriotic Front, to listen carefully to alternatives of Oppositions for their role in providing checks and balances in our maturing democracy. One of the first steps of an outgoing government, is to become hardened to positive and constructive criticism. Hating those who say the truth, and loving those who lie to you is political deception of the worst kind, for immature leadership. Development has become lopsided that is Why Zambians are not seeing it profitable on the ground. Why is this so?

Firstly, because politically motivated infrastructure development is not good enough , as it is deceptive and panders to “election winning alone”, leaving other most important aspects of national existence out that matter most. An authentic infrastructure development agenda must prioritize people’ s well-being first. This is what we call Human centric development.

Secondly, development must be about human development , or the improvement of the quality of life. Since 2011 the quality of life has dwindled, yet Infrastructure and road construction has slightly improved relatively, howbeit by; debt , corruption, over inflated prices, and lopsided development. Zambians today have no disposable income. The cost of living and doing business is very high, and taxes are very high for ordinary Citizens.

Thirdly, government must reconsider their priorities of a development agenda that meets contextual holistic needs of the citizens, not just infrastructure development, to win elections. This is lopsided development that is leaving behind people who are most vulnerable. Zambians need a better quality of life , lower taxes, improved cost of doing business and a lower cost of living. On the other hand; Inequalities, unemployment, poverty , bad health systems , illiteracy and bad education qualities, and rural and urban underdevelopment must be attended forthwith, to have meaningful development in our nation.

That is why for Movement for National Transformation, only an alternative First World Zambia agenda that has never been on the political stage, is the only advanced system as an alternative in all aspects of state – crafting , for a new ; modern, diversified, and industrialised Zambia.

Conclusively, the Partriotic Front, PF MUST live true to their campaigns for pro-poor policies of ; more money in our pockets , lower taxes, and creation of more jobs which has proved a failure so far . A true government must fulfil the promise they made to the electorate who gave them the privilege of forming government. The fastest way to exit the political stage in 2021, will be failure to HONOR your word .A man’s word is his bond. Keep your promise or leave the stage for failure to deliver on moral ground!

DECEPTIVE politics and tyrannical tendencies end up proving the leadership insecurity for want of; transparency, accountability, good governance. Stop praising yourselves , let Zambians praise you that is morally and ethically acceptable.! Mature leadership never deceptively praise their own works, it is the people that must evaluate and praise how you are performing. All the Forums and My District interviews on ZNBC , are making the electorate more perceptive of the hidden motives and intents to deceive us!

Issued by:

Daniel Mvula shimunza