Jealous Party Out To Discredit UPPZ Over Land

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) National Spokesperson Francis Kope has disclosed that a named political rival party is conniving with gullible clients to taint the image of the party over the land it is genuinely empowering citizens.
UPPZ has a serious policy where it has been empowering less-privileged Zambia with land.
Since acquiring land is a tedious process, Mr Kope revealed that ill-wishers of UPPZ are conniving with some clients to pour mud on the goodwill of the party
” Our dream is to sort out the housing deficit, however, there has been a lot of delays on this particular project and some of our political opponents have taken advantage of some of the delays we have had in the KKI and now they have taken advantage to connive with our clients by way of organising protest or start attacking us through mainstream media, social media and other platforms. We would like to announce to the nation that we are on course with the KKI project. We are going to do anything possible to provide cheap land. Those that have already been engaged, will get the land,” Mr Kope said.

He urged the clients to be patient, saying getting land is not like buying tomatoes from the market.
“…The process is long.For example, when you are getting customary land, there is a long process because a committee sits once in 3 months. So, if you miss out, it means you have to wait for six months.”
And Mr Kope said UPPZ has disengaged its partnership with the international donor community because it does not want “to crucify itself”_when it forms government in 2021.
“I would like to announce today that after scrutinizing the Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) that we had had with a certain foreign company and the interested party out of this country in providing housing units in the KKI project, we realise that we cannot give in with foreign investors or donors to do projects that are supposed to benefit Zambians because at the end of the day, donors would give you with one hand and take a lot with the other hand. Therefore, upon scrutinizing, we came to find out that truly, there is nothing like a free lunch. We have settled that we are going to do this project as a political party as well as a company owned by the Zambians and for Zambians. We are going to do this project without involving any foreign company and we might not provide the 10 000 housing units that we promised last year but we are going to provide 1 500 housing units to the less privileged,” he said.

Mr Kope said UPPZ will ensure that it facilitates land ownership to the less privileged Zambians.

“We want to facilitate land ownership to any citizen who has a green national registration card. We want to make sure that Zambians own land. This is something that is important to every Zambian because if you don’t have land, then you don’t have anything because whatsoever you have, those are perishables. Even when you own a car, a fridge or a beautiful flat that you are renting, you won’t rent it forever but when you have land, it is an empowerment for many generation to come. We still see an opportunity of empowering a million Zambians with land in as much as we have challenges as a company and political party which is dedicated to give land or provide affordable land to the people,” he promised.
Mr Kope said the small amount of money the party charges are meant to reinvest into the same land.

“We sometimes reinvest this small amount of money that we charge for this land into the same land. We are talking about building roads, you see, when our colleagues are building roads they engage foreigner but as for us, we are engaging youths, we have created employment opportunities in some of our sites. More than 70 youths in one project and a number of youths in other projects” he said.
“In the KKI project, the President had talked to the media when we came from South Africa where we had clinched a deal to construct 10 000 housing units for vulnerable who were supposed to pay just an exchange fee of somewhere between K1 000 to K 3 000, just contributing something instead of just giving them for free because they might not appreciate the value of these housing unit.”