Statement On PF’s Victory In Kafue

The Zambian DNA congratulates the PF for scooping the Kafue Council Chairperson by-elections. This victory is very important because it signifies the people’s will to move away from politics of hate speech, politics of retrogression and politics that oppose development.

We would like to congratulate and commend the people of Kafue for choosing development, for choosing to work with the Government of the day. We are alive to the fact that the seat fell vacant when the council chairperson resigned after been suspended and hounded by his own party for choosing to work with the Government of the day by welcoming the Republican President in Kafue. It is important to note that the people of Kafue do not want retrogression and backwardness. We hope that all the other by- elections taking place on the 11th of April will carry the same spirit. Let the people choose to work for development in their respective area. Let them move out of politics of insults, politics of retrogression and politics of name calling. What Zambians are looking for are solutions to their many problems, therefore we ask the people of Mitete, in particular, the district which needs a lot of development and Mitete has always been in the hands of the opposition and their altitude towards the Government of the day is not good thereby, stopping in form of development. We hope that the people of Mitete and other places where the by-elections are taking place to take a leaf from Kafue and vote for the Government of the day. In the meantime, we condemn the violence that took place in Kafue yesterday. We condemn it because political parties including the PF, UPND and PAC had signed a Peace Accord in the presence of the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) that there will be no repeat of Sesheke, there will be no political violence of any kind but on the day of voting, there was violence. We would like to urge the law enforcement agencies and the Zambia Police Service in particular to bring to book all those who were part of the violence yesterday and show them no mercy because Zambia needs peace before and after the elections therefore those perpetrating violence should be punished with a heavy hand to send a signal that Zambia does not condone political violence regardless of whoever is perpetrating it .
Issued by :
Zambian DNA
Spuki Mulemwa