PF: Kambwili Has ‘Smelt’ Defeat In Roan

PF: Kambwili Has ‘Smelt’ Defeat In Roan

NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili has resorted to making wild allegations against the Patriotic Front (PF) because he has sensed defeat in next week’s Roan Constituency by-election, PF campaign Manager Richard Musukwa has said.

Mr Musukwa said the NDC consultant and his candidate Joseph Chishala were headed for a heavy defeat, the reason why he has resorted to making unsubstantiated allegations against the ruling party.

Mr Kambwili was quoted in some sections of the media as saying the PF was involved in acts of corruption in its campaigns ahead of the April 11 Roan constituency by-election.

Mr Musukwa, who is Mines Minister, said Mr Kambwili should concede defeat before the elections and re-join the ruling party so that he could try to revive his political career.

“We treat such allegations as utter nonsense. He is making such allegations because he and his nephew whom he has adopted to stand on the NDC ticket are already smelling defeat.

“Our campaigns are issue-based, talking about job creation, empowerment of women and youths, rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure like health posts, schools and above all poverty alleviation,’’ Mr Musukwa said.

He said PF was not involved in corrupt practices and charged that it was, in fact, the NDC consultant who was involved in corrupt practices.

“We are aware of Mr Kambwili corrupt acts, but it is sad that he has become so confused that he is now seeing his own corrupt acts to be the corrupt acts of the PF. He should take it easy. He should not talk too much.

“Mr Kambwili used to brag that Roan constituency was in his pocket, he should now prove that indeed, the constituency is in his pocket,’’ he said.

Mr Musukwa said Mr Kambwili has been an arrogant and disrespectful politician who used his position to his personal advantage.