I am Not For Sale – GBM

UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has distanced media speculations that he has resigned from the largest opposition to join the ruling PF.
Addressing the press, Mwamba popularly known as GBM said it is foolish for social media to peddle malicious lies that he has been bought off by the PF at a whopping 50 million USD to dump the largest opposition.
He said it could have made sense if they reported that he has resigned to form his own political part and not rejoining PF, the party he said is a den of thieves.
“These people who are writing that I have been bought at $50 million are very stupid. Do they know how much I am worth? I am worth more than $50 million. In any case, PF has no such kind of money. They have depleted the coffers. They have stolen the money and taken it to China,” the visibly annoyed Mwamba said.
The UPND vice president explained that he has been missing in action because his wife Chama has been unwell.
He said he cannot be active in politics when his wife of many years is not feeling well.
More details coming