PF Haunted By Failed Leadership

The Patriotic Front government have been flogged with their own whip of failed leadership in both Roan and Bahati Constituencies.

Thankfully, the PF leadership has, without shame, accepted that both Bahati and Roan constituencies are not only underdeveloped but also poverty stricken.

President Lungu, himself openly said that Bahati has no hospitals, no schools, no medicines in hospitals, no network, no roads and other numerous things.

He, ironically, publicly pleaded guilty of failing to bring the much needed development to Roan and Bahati constituencies.

He actually agreed with the UPND that the Patriotic Front government is insensitive to people’s needs hence the sufferings that the Zambian masses are facing today.

The PF leadership is bent on serving themselves and not the people of Zambia. President Lungu and his government care about themselves and not the Zambian populace.

We fathom to ask; didn’t President Lungu know that majority of Zambians are suffering when his government proposed to buy him a luxurious Presidential Jet costing $400m, when his government spent $42m on Fire Tenders, and more still pay $288 ,000 for 50 ambulances?

Mwebantu shuwaaa, didn’t he know?

The PF boasted of their budget were they increased the budgetary allocation of the defence forces from K3.5bn to K5.1bn as though government was at war.

Leaving out the critical sectors such as health, education, agriculture and poverty reduction programmes. What he saw in Bahati are the bitter fruits of his chaotic and failed reign.

If President Hakainde Hichilema said this, the usual response would have been he is bitter, but now that the PF leadership has accepted not having provided the people of Bahati with basic needs to sustain their lives, we say thank you for admitting to your failures.

The revelations by UPND Secretary General, Patrick Mucheleka, are shocking that the community’s themselves are constructing muddy health posts so at provide basic health amenities.

Below are videos depicting residents of the area complaining of how the PF has neglected them and that Mr Edgar Lungu, who has been boasting of “possessing” a lot of money, hasn’t done anything to address their plight.

The mud hut in the video is Kapili Health Post in Kampemba ward in Bahati, Mansa, Luapula Province of Zambia.

The residents also say that the PF has “suddenly” started frequenting the ward ahead of the elections which is due in 2 days time.They say the health post has no water, no medicine and that the only maternity wing has no bed in the hut and other utensils to ensure safe motherhood and safe delivery.

The residents, who said the only medicines in the health post is Coatem, have resolved to remove PF from office and replace them with a well-meaning party, UPND.

Thanks that the Patriotic Front has come to terms with reality that people of Bahati are suffering and the constituency is undeveloped.

UPND remains committed to providing checks and balances and will not be intimidated to tell the PF that it has neglected the people of Zambia.

Our Vision is to build a better life for all Zambians. With UPND the people of Zambia come first because we believe that one is only a leader because of the people.

This, however, is not what the Patriotic Front believes in as they believe that it should only be them and not the ordinary people.

Remember, Munthu ni Munthu chifukwa chabantu!!!


Ruth Dante (Ms)
*Media Director – UPND*