Opinion: PF Lack Strategists

Dear Editor,

We need strategists in equally strategic position in the party Mr. President. Chishimba Kambwili has not done anything to talk about.

The alliance won in Roan on the NDC ticket. Suppose UPND had fielded their own what could have been the situation today?

UPND has a following in Roan which Kambwili does not have in Bahati and Luapula. So if UPNDC decides to split in 2021, what’s going to happen?

For me it hats off and congratulations to the alliance. So Kambwili should not over price himself. PF is still very strong.

If people HH and UPND pull out of Roan, then tell me where NDC will be. NDC is yet to prove itself.

Kambwili and NDC’s strength was and is still distorted by the involvement of HH.

Admittedly Kambwili is an asset, a good tool to have on your side. But he has to prove himself as a standalone power. He needs to do a standalone stunt.

There is no bulldozer in Zambia yet. What happened in Roan is to me is unique to Roan where Kambwili is a household name.

Bane ba PF we are still in the game. As long as the alliance continues to be in harmony the alliance will continue to have such results.

My fear is HH and Kambwili are two too ambitious men. This result in Roan may bring out two reactions. The two may get stronger together or Kambwili may become big headed and fail to carry the weight of the big head and eventually fall.

For my party please, let us have a message not talking about people. We want solutions to issues in the country.

Kambwili and HH do not have any clue of how take this country forward. They have no message at all.

Forever PF