Comedian, Ba Robby Eats Matebeto

Comedian Lee Nonde known amongst his fans as Ba Robby or Shi Mutale was on Saturday afternoon “rewarded” – not for his comical acts but for living up to the expectations of a loving and responsible husband.

In the Bemba tradition, a husband who plays his role dutifully with satisfaction gets a seal of approval from his wife’s family in form of a feast.

The wife and her family usually prepare a banquet comprising various delicacies and deliver to the husband and his kin – the ceremony is known as Matebeto.

Nonde has been married to Nora for the last 14 years and together, they have three children.

“It’s been an inspiring journey of ups and downs but we have overcome them together. Being appreciated is an honor and a motivation for me to become even a better husband,” Nonde said as he prepared for event.

Nonde explains that he has always drawn a line between him as a comedian and as a father and husband.

“I do joke with my wife and children but not the way I would joke with my fans because I want them to see a father and husband in me, not a comdian.”

Counted amongst the country’s top comedians, Nonde on Saturday took a break from cracking jokes to attend to serious business as his mother, Dorothy Malama hosted him and other family members at her house in Lusaka’s Libala South.

The mood was merry and celebratory as expectant guests chatted, danced and interacted while awaiting the feast.

After several hours of waiting, an enssemble of ululating, drum-beating and money-demanding women arrived with the “sumptuous reward” of African cuisines on top of their heads.

As per custom, the food bringing group showed the different foodstuffs to a “humbly-seated” Nonde and his family in the sitting room before it went to it went to the serving bay.

The presence of fellow comedians Terry T, Breston Mwila, Ozzious Banda, Mumpangwe Mayuka ensured that the food-showing segment was punctuated with enough rib-cracking running commentary to keep it lively.

After the delivery of the food was completed, the money-demanding women left their hosts to feast.

Nonde then led family and friends to ensure the variety of tasty roatsed chickens, deep fried brims, the nutritious Katapa, numerous lumps of nshima and rice among the yummy delicacies served their purpose at a feast.