betPawa Paints Lusaka Green

WHILE online sport betting firms are establishing their roots in Zambia, betPawa has proved to be trusted and outstanding; owing to its cordial customer relation and the manner it conducts its business.

Customers talked to said betPawa has a unique and encouraging payout strategy which cannot be matched by any online sport betting firm.

“Well, we have seen the mushrooming of online sport betting firms but I think betpawa is unique and the most trusted. I enjoy betting with Betpawa because it has good conditions and its payout strategy is second to none,” Charles Banda, a regular betPawa client told Tumfweko media in an interview.

A check by this online media site revealed that betPawa has painted the City of Lusaka green, mounting 30 billboards in the capital Lusaka.

In addition to that, Betpawa has branded over 500 public buses operating in the capital city of Lusaka.

When reached for a comment, betpawa Zambia Marketing Coordinator Davy Mvula said he is happy with the response the online sport betting firm is receiving from prospective customers.

“We have done 30 billboards in the Capital City of Lusaka, the furthest being in Chisamba District in Central Province on the exit of Lusaka and the entrance to Lusaka. The buses that we have done are in the total of 520. That simply means that in every ten minutes you are able to see a bus carrying our green logo,” he said.

Mvula said the leading online sport betting firm values good customer relation, saying without customers there can be no betPawa.

He added that betPawa encourages customers to take advantage of the 100 percent win bonus.

“As you have noticed, everyone is going green and that is betPawa green… Because of our conditions, the way our customer support is, the way we run our business, the way we do our payouts, this has come to the attention of our customers and they really appreciate our standards . We care about our customers and we are a listening company. There are things that we have been changing along the way because our customers have been calling us that ‘why don’t you include this and why don’t you include that’. So, because of our customers, we are the number one online sport betting in Zambia and we thank our clients who have been very loyal to us. They don’t hesitate to correct us and they don’t hesitate to advise us. When you are doing this business , the most important is not the workers of betpawa but the customer because without the customer, there is no betPawa,” Mr Mvula who was clad in the betpawa T-shirt said.

He added that BetPawa encourages its clients to bet responsibly,

“We advise our customers not to use money meant for food or school fees for betting. We always want our clients to bet responsibly,” he said, “As you may be aware, in sports, anything can happen.”
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