Women Cheat Better Than Men- Investigator

Women Cheat Better Than Men- Investigator

A private investigations company in Lusaka says it handles an average of 20 cases of infidelity in a month. The firm also says women are better at cheating than men, although cases involving women are far less than those for men. VDK private investigations and detectives executive director Mulanje Kauseni said in April the firm handled 35 cases, but only six of those involved women as culprits. Mr Kauseni said most men who cheat are from high-class residential areas like Kabulonga, Ibex, Rhodes Park, and Roma, among other areas.

H e s a i d L u s a k a a n d Copperbelt provinces have recorded high numbers of cases of infidelity because people there have more money. He said more men have been exposed because the number of women who report suspected cases of cheating is higher than that of men. Mr Kauseni said the firm has also observed that it is usually challenging to catch a cheating wife compared to a husband because women are smarter.

Mr Kauseni said women cheat better than men because they are more careful than men,who tend to be freer even when they are cheating. “Men become free with their partner and this makes it easy to be caught. The pattern of cheating for men is open compared to that of women,” he said. Mr Kauseni said women can sometimes cheat maybe once a week and they take more time to be caught.

He said the firm has discovered that many men usually cheat during lunchtime while women during working hours. He said research by the firm showed that many prominent officials both in Government and the private sector have multiple partners because they have money to spend. He said most of the men that have been caught always look for excuses to defend themselves even when there is enough evidence. Mr Kauseni said last time a certain man was found kissing with his cheating partner, but refused to admit even when his mouth was full of lipstick. He said the firm has handled cases where men have been threatened by their wive’s cheating partners after finding them in the act.


“We had a case of a human resource director who has been cheating with four different women who were desperate for jobs. We have also discovered some of these bosses have a chain of relationships with many women who are not known,” Mr Kauseni said. He said people who cheat usually like isolated places or low-class hotels or lodges to avoid being caught or seen. Mr Kauseni said there is also a common trend of men taking their partners to other towns on pretext that they are going to attend a workshop. “There have been times when we have followed a suspected cheating partner to the Copperbelt or Western Province just to gather evidence,” he said.

Mr Kauseni said most of the cheating also happens in private car parks where people have sex in their cheating partners’ cars. He said the firm has had experiences where their clients find their partners having sex in car parks at night. “Pay attention to what happens in these stationed cars and you will be shocked with what you will see. We at least caught four people mostly men having sex with other women in cars,” Mr Kauseni said. He said most of the cars usually have their engines running with headlamps on full beam.