I Have Two Husbands, Zambian Woman Confesses

I Have Two Husbands, Zambian Woman Confesses

Two  men of Choma district are claiming to be married to one woman. The woman confessed going to another man who impregnated her because the first one is allegedly impotent. The two men took to the streets and fought for the woman, Mervis Mweetwa, 33, before police stopped them and apprehended the first man for assault.

Ms Mweetwa admitted being married to both men, but claimed none of them has the right to claim her because both have not paid dowry to her family. She named the first man as Winfred Munkombwe, a businessman, and the other as Christopher Hamwete, a worker at a named lodge.
“I have been married to Mr Munkombwe for three years but we do not have a child. So he suggested to me and my family that I should get pregnant from another man since he is infertile [impotent],” Ms Mweetwa said in an interview.

She said as a result of the pressure from Mr Munkombwe for her to get pregnant, the other man, Mr Hamwete, who appears to be in his 60s, came into the picture igniting an extramarital affair. Ms Mweetwa said she later left Mr Munkombwe’s home in Singani and got ‘married’ to Mr Hamwete, who lives near Choma town.

“We started staying together but I do not like the behaviour of this old man because he allows his daughter who is even developing breasts to share the same bed with us. “When I talked to him about it and explained that what was happening in the house was not normal, he asked me to leave him alone with his children,” she said.

Ms Mweetwa said she later left Mr Hamwete’s house and moved in with a relative in Choma’s Mwapona area and wondered why the two men got into a fight when she had introduced them to each other. “Mr Hamwete used to come to Mr Munkombwe’s house. We used to meet from there sometimes, and my first husband knew about it because after all, he asked me to get pregnant by another man,” Ms Mweetwa said.

She suspects that Mr Munkombwe is angry because she moved in and lived with Mr Hamwete for almost six months. Ms Mweetwa said Mr Hamwete did not manage to impregnate her and she has vowed to go back to Mr Munkombwe’s house after he is released from police custody.

Both men refused to comment on the matter while police sources said investigations have been instituted. Police officers, who declined to be named, said Mr Munkombwe is in police custody at Choma Central Police Station for assault, while Mr Hamwete was attended to at Choma General Hospital.