Anita’s Dad Speaks Out- ‘My Daughter Is Well Behaved.’

Anita’s Dad Speaks Out- ‘My Daughter Is Well Behaved.’

The father to Kabwe Socialite Anita Zanji whose photos went viral recently has spoken out.It is the last thing any father would want to see, his own daughter in a nude pose or dance. But that is the dilemma now facing a Kabwe father, a Mr Simuteengu, whose daughter, popularly known as Anita Zinja, is under police investigation after pictures and videos of her in the nude went viral on social media last week. Mr Simuteengu said he is confused after what has transpired.

“I haven’t decided yet what to do because I am confused. The issue is still fresh and I am confused because when such things happen, it’s something else for a parent, it’s embarrassing,” Mr Simuteengu said. He told the Sunday Mail in a telephone interview yesterday that he has not talked to Anita since he was informed about the leaked pictures and videos.

Mr Simuteengu said he knows Anita to be a wellbehaved young woman and so he is surprised about her nude pictures and videos trending on social media. “She hasn’t been here [Kabwe] and I am told this issue is on social media. It happened in Lusaka and I haven’t spoken to her properly to know the truth,” he said. Anita, who on her Facebook page defines herself as a gifted speaker, comedian, actress and business lady, said in a message posted around 16:38 hours on Wednesday: “I am getting strong by the day, and God is on my side.

I won’t give up on my life and dreams over something which many have overcome before.” In a posting around 14:01 hours the same day, Anita admitted taking some videos and pictures. She said that some people have hated her from the time she posted her first video on Facebook. She said she has made enough apologies in the recent past and this time she will let people say what they want to say. She said some people want to bring her down “just like what every other celebrity experiences

Her manager and promoter, Jomach Cooper, has come to her defence saying her cell phone was stolen at a night club in Lusaka and the person who stole it leaked the videos and pictures. According to Ms Cooper, Anita explained to her she took the videos and pictures a while ago before she left Kabwe for Lusaka. Ms Cooper said in a statement posted on Wednesday around 18:25 hours she woke up in the morning not knowing Anita’s “bedroom pictures would be trending on social media”.

“She had them [bedroom pictures] on her phone but never sent them to anyone until this morning [Wednesday] when she got shocked seeing them circulating on social media,” she said. “She explained that the night she went out clubbing in Lusaka, she lost her cell phone and never recovered it. The person who picked it is the one who leaked Anita’s private video and picture, and not herself.” She said Anita has already reported the matter to the police and they have instituted investigations. Anita is a Grade 12 pupil at Kalonga Secondary School, but the school authorities could not comment on the matter.