Court Orders Zambian Man To Pay K15, 000 For Bonking A Married Woman

Court Orders Zambian Man To Pay K15, 000 For Bonking A Married Woman

The Buchi Local Court has ordered a man of Chililabombwe district to pay K15,000 to the husband of a woman he had an affair with.
Buchi senior local court magistrates Patricia Mulumba and Alice Mwapa ordered Simon Kayaya to pay Elijah Mafuta the money after finding him guilty of committing adultery with Mafuta’s wife.

Magistrate Mwapa said it was sad that Kayaya rushed into having an affair with a married woman without even bothering to verify whether she was indeed divorced or not.She said it was surprising that Kayaya started paying rent for his new girlfriend who had a husband in Kitwe instead of concentrating on mending relations with his own wife and supporting his children.

Magistrate Mwapa said the court had decided to teach Kayaya a lesson that despite not earning much, he needed to follow the right procedure.
During hearing, Mafuta, who was the complainant in the matter, told the court that he had differences with his wife, Lydia Nyali, and heard rumours that she had been spending time at lodges.

He said his wife left home in March to attend a funeral, but he later received a tip that his wife was in fact staying with a married man in Chililabombwe. He told the court that when he travelled to Chililabombwe, he discovered that what he had heard about his wife was actually true.
And Kayaya admitted that he had been having sex with Mafuta’s wife. He said when he met Nyali on the street in Chililabombwe, she had told him that she was single.

He said when the two met, they exchanged numbers, and later fell in love.He said on two occasions, he even travelled to Kitwe and had sex with Nyali  in her matrimonial home, although he did not know then that