Zambian Man Robbed By Woman He Met On Facebook

A Zambian man has regretted having started dating a woman he met on Facebook whom he claims later robbed him. See what he posted on his Facebook page and see hilarious comments by som e Facebook users

“I’m a man from Lusaka Kabwata, this lady on the pics has been my girlfriend for over 9 months now. She’s from Ndola, we knew each other on facebook until we finally met in person and started dating..

She always visit me at the end of the month, sometimes she even spends a week before going back to Ndola.

She was a Zibsip student, she recently finished her banking and finance course..

Last week when she visited me on a weekend. She stole money from me my whole salary plus the money that i came back with from my shop (the total was about K8 350, she also got my phone with both my MTN and Airtel Simcards which has money in both mobile money accounts. In my MTN account i have something above K2000 and in my Airtel only had a K3800 and something. Not only that she also ran away with my laptop (and an envelope of dollars from work )

Unfortunately i don’t know exactly in Ndola where she stay i only know that she’s from Pamodzi, this is when i was planning on meeting her family..

She took all this on Saturday last week, i was with her home not until i received a call from work to go and fix something. I left all that home coz i trusted her and did not even think she would rob me.

When i came back found my house locked, called her she told me she was at the clinic and on her way coming back home! So i decided i visit a friend in the neighborhood while i wait for her to come back not knowing she had gone. Went back home after an hour or so, still found my house locked tried calling her the phone was off, stayed a few minutes in my car outside called her again and still received the same response. Until i realized something was wrong, broke through my house and discovered all the mentioned things were missing.

I have reported her to police and we are currently looking for her.

Please if anyone know the person on the picture or her whereabouts contact the nearest police station

You will handsomely rewarded”