Video: 10 Year-Old Boy films Incredible Moment Mum Gives Birth In Car Seat On Way To Hospital

Video: 10 Year-Old Boy films Incredible Moment Mum Gives Birth In Car Seat On Way To Hospital

This is the incredible moment a mum gives birth to her fourth child in the front seat of a car while her husband rushes her to hospital.

Mike Anthony Addison was driving Rude Napier to her final check-up along with their three children on Friday when the mum-of-four suddenly went into labour.

The couple’s eldest son, Jayden, 10, had been filming a pre-birth video for his new sister Jolee Lavergne but ended up filming her birth instead.

The footage, which Mike decided to later share on Facebook , shows the calm family heading to the hospital.

Suddenly the situation starts to escalate, with Rudy saying to her husband “Mike the baby’s coming out, Mile the baby’s coming out’.

Mike replies to her, by saying ‘no, she’s not’, refusing to believe what was about to happen.

But he quickly realises what’s happening and turns to the camera, being held by Jayden, and says, “Hey Jolee, it’s your father. Just want to let you know you’re making a grand presence in my car.”

“We’re on our way to the hospital. We love you and we’ll see you soon. We just wanna say a prayer and just pray and ask God that you’re delivered safely and healthy and we just can’t wait to put our hands on you.”

Jayden then flips the camera around and jokingly says “Hurry up”.

Meanwhile, his sisters can be seen in tears as their mum continues to push.

As Jolee emerges, Mike says: “Hold her up, hold her up, oh, my God, hold her up” while Rudy says, “I got her” and pulls Jolee to her chest.

Mike notices Rudy’s worry that the baby hasn’t made a noise yet, and reassures her that Jolee’s eyes are open.

The family eventually got to Henderson Hospital where staff rushed Rudy and Jolee to a ward on a wheelchair and the newborn was checked out and given the all-clear.

Sharing the extraordinary moment on Facebook on Saturday night, Mike thanked the hospital for taking car of his wife and child.