Kabwe Man Gets 10 Years For Stealing Electricity Cable

A 32 man of Kabwe will spend the next 10 years in jail after he was convicted of stealing a 12 metre electricity cable belonging to Zesco valued at K3,991.45. Kabwe High Court Judge Kelvin Limbani sentenced Henry Mulumbwa Kunda yesterday after facts on the offence of vandalism he committed were read to him. “It is sad that you vandalised a Zesco cable which is very vital and critical not only to the public and the farm (Mufundazolo) but to the development of the country,” Judge Limbani said. Kunda committed the offence on January 24, this year at Mufundazolo farm around 19:00 hours, plunging the property into darkness.

Judge Limbani said it is unfortunate that the convict was assisted by two Zesco casual workers in cutting and stealing the cable which he was found trying to sell to Beauty Nkonde of Shamabanse. And Kunda who was formally arrested on February 11, told the court that the facts which the State presented were a correct version of how he stole the cable. Kunda said through his lawyer Dalitso Kabuka that he regrets his actions and he is remorseful. Ms Kabuka of the Legal Aid Board said Kunda is a first offender who did not waste the court’s time by admitting to the charge. Ms Kabuka said the convict is a family man, married with two children and he is looking after dependants.

But Judge Limbani told Kunda his actions were uncalled for and he deserved to be punished to enable him reform and for other would-be offenders to take a leaf. “Your acts deserve punishment and I will sentence you to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour,” Judge Limbani said. He said the offence of vandalism carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years and maximum sentence of 25 years imprisonment with hard labour. Judge Limbani said it is important that all citizens guard against vandalising of important installations that are critical for energy and supporting the economy of the country.