Sensele: PF Has Raped Our Economy

Sensele: PF Has Raped Our Economy

PF are economic saboteurs, says former district commissioner Paul Sensele. He says the ruling PF is yet to cause more damage to the country if left unchecked. Sensele in an interview said the Konkola Copper Mines saga and reactions to the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) report were a clear indication of how insensitive the PF was.

“While our developed friends are grappling with terrorists causing havoc to innocent lives and damage to property, here in Zambia we have economic terrorists who send…to institutions like the KCM and want to blow up FIC,” he said.

“These are known as PF and they are messing up civil servants and other workers in parastatals such as Zampost, museums and other institutions. They managed to obliterated The Post newspaper and killed a lot of workers while journalists were subjected to untold misery.”

Sensele, the NDC central committee member, said the PF was yet to cause more damage to the country if left unchecked.

He advised Zambians at all levels to ensure that the PF is removed from government.

“These saboteurs known as PF are yet to do more damage to all sectors of the Zambian economy. They have slowly ruined the police, judiciary, and the public sector. They have raped the economy to an extent of forcing the sector to be detained in the Intensive Care Unit,” said Sensele.

“I am appealing to all Zambians to vote en masse in 2021 and ensure that normalcy is restored in Zambia. We need the PF out and those found wanting should be made to answer to the laws of Zambia.”