Female Artistes Remain Principled, Turn Down Producer’s Dirty Sex Demands

Uprising music female stars have cried foul that their dreams of “making it big” in the game is being hampered by “horny and dirty” producers who are in a habit of demanding for sex in exchange for production costs.
Up-coming female artistes have been victims of sexual harassment but society, the women rights ht group in particular seem to pay a deaf hear.
The duo of Natasha.C.Katinta aka Baijia Tee and Katy Kufuna aka Katy Darrens say they have had their music projects abandoned after refusing to give in to dirty sexual demands from “horny” producers.
They say they have held girl power and vowed to resist any form of temptations from immoral producers.
“Top musicians are hindering young musicians to grow or have big names. It is difficult for an upcoming musician to record a song. For producers, they want to sleep with you for them to record your track. It is not supposed to be that way.How many musicians and producers would you sleep with for you to have an album done? It is very bad and I am speaking from experience. I have been a victim of such vices but it is just that I am not into that kind of evil behaviour and I wouldn’t go to such extents for the sake of fame. This producer whom I will not name for now wanted to get to me, wanted to sleep with me so that I can record a track with him but I refused because I am not like that and that is not how the music industry should be,” Katy Darren said.
As Baijia Tee, the “memory” song singer chipped in: “We were actually together. We were about to work on the song and then, this stupid producer first made advances on my friend and after she(Katy) turned him down, he made an attempt on me. I was shocked with a turn of events and told him off that we are not like those cheap and desperate artistes that easily give him for the sake of fame. This is how things fall apart, we could not record that song.”
Asked how deep rooted the evil trend is in the music industry, Katy Darren quipped:”…That is what is happening but I am not too sure about other female artistes but it is a common trend nowadays.”
Baijia Tee added:”…And when you talk of your song to be played on radio, you have to pay in kind or in cash. Every female musician goes through this but I just feel the strong pinch. Besides, we are only 19 and not desperate for fame. We shall certainly take one step at a time until we achieve our dreams.”
They proposed that for the trend to be nipped in the bud, female artistes should allow their managers to talk to producers to clinch a deal for them, adding that female artistes who fall victims should be reporting perpetrators to women right groups and other relevant authorities.