Chris Mall To Use His “Poor” Upbringing To Develop Munali

Munali Constituency Aspiring Candidate Chris Chiinda’s resort to go into the murky waters of politics where politicians are ridiculed  to improve the livelihood of the people.

Chris Mall...

While conceding the constraints afflicting his compatriots, Mr Chiinda popularly known as Chris Mall promised to take socio- economic development to the people of Munali Constituency.
The Parliamentary hopeful said he is well positioned to take over the leadership of Munali Constituency because he understands the problems the people are facing , having experienced hardships when he was growing up.

A successful businessman and legal mind said a difficult upbringing is what has made him to go into politics, saying one who understand hardships like himself can easily reach out to the most vulnerable people in the communities, adding that he wants to leave a legacy of hard work.
“The reason that made me to study law was to help people who are growing up in hardships like I was . This is the same reason that made me to go on the political platform. I want to leave a legacy of hard work. Apparently, when you go in the community as a businessman, they will regard you as a businessman who has gone there to make money. When you go there  as an individual, you will not be paid the attention you deserve but when you go there as a politician, they will pay attention to you,” Mr Chiinda said.
The Munali Consituency Aspiring Candidate said he wanted to bring a distinguished leadership style which has the people at heart.
“The leadership system that I want to bring in is one that has not been practiced by most of these leaders. It is a community-based leadership were most of the development will be done by the community itself. I draw my inspiration from many things that have been done by the communities themselves. For example, most Churches have been built by the members themselves. So, we need a leadership that will reach out to the business community within the community to contribute something towards a common goal. Communities are lacking a lot of things,” Mr Chiinda said.
He, however, observed that this will take a lot of time to be achieved.
And Mr. Chiinda said he is willing to reach out to past leaders of Munali Constituency in his desire of working with everybody.

“I want to reach out to all the past leaders and in case they have a plan that they want to implement, then we can implement it together. I want to tap some wisdom from all the former leaders,” he stated.
Asked which political party he will contest the elections on, Mr. Chiinda said he is partyless but that  he will listen to the people on whether he should contest the election as an independent or stand on the ticket of any of the  existing political parties.
“I feel I have not yet reached most of the places I want to reach. However, I have started early so that I can reach out to a lot of people,” Mr. Chiinda added.

Meanwhil,  Mr Chiinda has called for the end to vote buying in the political campaigns.

“…The problem is that the leaders have created an impression that whenever they are going to visit their communities they need to go and give handouts and that has been a problem. We need concerted efforts to tell our youths that leaders don’t have money for handouts. But I know, it is an impression that has been created by leaders themselves. You see, every time you go and think of dishing out some money, the pressure is on you because you have to look at where you are going to get the money. However, some of these people have been involved in corruption. They have money to go and impress their people in communities and obviously young people have made it a habit that whenever they see them, they have to contribute something or you lose their support” he regretted.
And Mr. Chiinda said it is not justifiable that some communities have remained under-developed because of lack of disbursement of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).
“… It is the same as in a house, you have a mother and father but the children are not supposed to just sit idle just because they have a father and a mother. Government is our parent… so, for us in constituencies, we can achieve something without the helping hand from the State. But we have this problem of saying the CDF has not come, so we cannot see development. I feel we can get the community involved and achieve something.