Statement On How Zambians Should Emulate Pres. Lungu’s Patrotism Attributes

June  29, 2019

Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for aggressively marketing the country as a preferred investment destination in the region.

Indeed, President Lungu‘s gesture to woo foreign investors and project the country‘s positive image abroad does not only demonstrate his tacit commitment to develop the country, create jobs for the  unemployed youth, improve  people’s welfare, but also demonstrates his  patriotism to the nation.

But unlike some of the opposition political party leaders who are tarnishing their country‘s image abroad by speaking ill of it, President Lungu has been marketing the country‘s potential natural resources in an effort to build investor confidence.

In our view, patriotism is a quality of leadership that everyone aspiring for the highest office in the land should possess.

It’s also worth noting that anyone who is unpatriotic to his or her own country is unfit to run for public office.

We expect every right thinking Zambian to emulate President Lungu as he inspires the nation to embrace patriotism in everything they say and do.

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