Faz Secures Additional $15, 000 For Chipolopolo Coach Recruitment

Faz Secures Additional $15, 000 For Chipolopolo Coach Recruitment

Press Statement
(For Immediate Release)
Football Association of Zambia
Football House, Lusaka
4th July, 2019


The Ministry of Sports has sanctioned the Football Association of Zambia’s endeavour to recruit a quality national team coach by approving a US$25,000 package.

Following a meeting between the Ministry of Sports, Youth and Child Development and FAZ leadership, the two parties have made steps towards the recruitment of the Zambia National Team Coach.

Minister of Sports Honourable Moses Mawere has re-affirmed government’s financial support towards FAZ and maintained its US$10,000 allocation for the Chipolopolo coach.

Further the Ministry of Sports has given FAZ a go-ahead to recruit a coach as soon as feasibly possible.

The Association has secured an additional US$15,000 funding towards the salary of the head coach in response to market forces.

However, FAZ wishes to appeal to the corporate world to come on board and ensure that more support is secured to towards getting a top notch coach.

The availability of additional resources will help FAZ secure a coach at a competitive fee.

FAZ has asked the football family to support the cause towards securing a coach that will take Zambia forward.

The Association acknowledges the support government has continued to render towards football.

For and on behalf of:

Mwazi Chanda

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  1. suma   July 4, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    When will the Government pay retirees?