DEC Locks Up Lt. Col Dexter Maseka After Testifying In Chimese Case

DEC Locks Up Lt. Col Dexter Maseka After Testifying In Chimese Case

A Zambia Air Force officer who testified on Tuesday 9 July 2019 in the on-going case against former Zambia Airforce(ZAF) Commander Lt. Gen Eric Chimese has been detained at Kabwata Police Station.

Lt. Col Dexter Maseka was picked up and detained shortly after he gave his testimony on Tuesday.

In the earlier testimony, a prosecution witness by the name of Major Hanaumba Mudaala, told the court that he was engaged to supervise the works at General Chimese’s project in Ibex Hill in Lusaka in 2014.

He said he however left for a flying course in South Africa in 2014.

Hanaumba further told the court that he handed over his task to Lt.Col. Dexter Maseka for him to continue working for General Chimese.

However, during his testimony as the second prosecution witness on Tuesday 9 July 2019, Col. Maseka denied any knowledge of ever carrying out any personal or private tasks for General Chimese apart from working as Mess Manager at ZAF Chamba Valley Officers mess.

Col. Maseka’s testimony to the court was seen as working against the prosecution but in favour of the Defence .

This situation led to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) locking up Colonel Maseka soon after the court adjourned on Tuesday 9th July 2019 and he was allegedly threatened that he would be arrested and will become co-accused to Chimese.

And a check at Kabwata Police Station established that Col. Maseka has been detained at the request of DEC since Tuesday.