Zambian Photo Artist Tukuta Recounts Emotional Childhood Hardship

Zambian Photo Artist Tukuta Recounts Emotional Childhood Hardship

Tukuta Chella and Nigerian Actress
In life even even people who don’t know your history will have an opinion over your life, they will insult you for no reason, they will hate you for no proper reason, they will call you names and names.

As a child I was abused by my step mom, aunty and uncle. They would beat me until I lost a teeth, they would mock me and say you will never be anything. Most of my teeth are broken because of that. My uncle and aunty where I lived would beat me and make me sleep in a chicken run.

Everytime I was beaten I lost atleast one teeth. My mother had to huslte for me to survive, my mother would cry why my own father’s brothers would hate me so much

Tukuta Chella

MY MOTHER ALWAYS SAID “MWANA WANDI LESA AKAKUPALA AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN WHATEVER YOU DO.” I used to cry everyday and my friends always mocked my teeth since way back but they never knew what kind of homes I came from

I slept in the same room with village chickens, they would make me pick food from the bin and would call me MENO MENO, they would proudly say “WE HAVE MESSED UP YOUR TEETH.”

My father left my mother after he resigned from the mines, while my mother was carrying me in her womb, my father then went and found another woman who he had impregnated in the same year. That step mother of mine NEVER WANTED ME TO BE BORN and she with my father planted witchcraft in my mother’s house while she was on her business trip in Mpulungu.

Tukuta Chella with South African Personalities

When my mother got back a copper wire entered her leg and it got swollen, the aim was to get rid of my mother’s pregnancy so my step mother could be the only one having a child for my father in that year. My mother was taken to hospitals nothing happened until a witch doctor told her it was my step mother and father that connived. They managed to remove the copper wire that was almost causing a miscarriage

Fast forward, I was born and realised how my father never liked me or showed me love, he would tell me I was not his son and would beat me up.

Tukuta Chella
At the age of 5 when I visited my father, my step mom would beat me until atleast my teeth came out

I was once denied by my family. I remember