SAD: ‘Tummy Boy’ Maradona Dies

SAD: ‘Tummy Boy’ Maradona Dies

THE curtains have dropped on two-year-old Maradona Mundyoli who for a year groaned under the weight of a 10 kilogram bulging tummy for one year and some months.

He has died.

When the Sun was making a routine follow-up on boy’s plight the family informed the reporter that “your friend Maradona” died during an operation at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) around 09:00 hours because he had lost a lot of blood.

Efforts by conventional and traditional doctors to save his life proved futile.


In an interview with the Sun, which has been closely following and covering his plight, Maradona’s grandfather, Most Hachaamba, OF Zimba district, Southern Province, said his grandson had been taken to the theatre for an operation at UTH on July 24 so that surgeons could remove the growth that had been making his tammy bulge like a balloon.

But the boy could not make it.

It was a long, agonising battle that saw little Maradona admitted to UTH twice as doctors frantically looked for the cause of the distension of his belly.