Legana Sues Consumer Over Condom Sausage Allegation

Legana Sues Consumer Over Condom Sausage Allegation

Legana Investment Limited has sued Luyando Kopakopa and her boyfriend Eric Nitandu for damages over their defamatory claims.

This follows the duo’s allegations that the company’s sausage, which they consumed was contaminated with human flesh and was packed in a used condom.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court Registry, Legana Investment Limited says the allegations made by the defendants in their ordinary meaning are understood to imply that the company is involved in mass murders.

Legana Investment limited adds that the allegations also mean that the company has been feeding the general public human flesh under the guise of hungarian sausage.

On Monday, Ms. Kopakopa took legal action against Legana Investment Limited were she demanded for damages for consuming their hungarian sausage which she claims contained some human flesh and a used condom.