Kambwili: I Know All State House Secrets

Kambwili: I Know All State House Secrets

NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili, who is facing charges of forgery and corruption in the courts of law has boasted that he has access to all State House secrets because the people who work there do not like the current administration.

Mr Kambwili said he had information from his sources at State House that the owner of the mysterious 48 flats in Lusaka’s Chalala area used to work at Plot One but resigned.

He said State House was now panicking to get Democratic Republic of Congo businessman and former Katanga region governor Moise Katumbi to come and claim ownership of the flats.

Mr Kambwili, who had a cannula on his hand, said what he wanted to address was very compelling despite being sick. He was speaking at a press briefing at his house in Luanshya. “Forty-eight houses, I have the latest.

The problem with you people at State House, you think you are very clever but I have always told you that you are unpopular even among the people that work at State House.

“The people who work at State House don’t love you. I have received information that you have taken two people from the Copperbelt to go and approach Katumbi to come and claim ownership of those houses to protect one person. The owner of those houses was working at State House and he resigned,” he said.

Mr Kambwili said he had access to all State House secrets and was privy to what was discussed in private meetings.

And Mr Kambwili says State House is working with NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge to ensure the downfall of the opposition party.

He said they had agreed that Mr Musenge should form and register the Zambia Our Motherland (ZOOM) party and deregister NDC.

Mr Kambwili said all that would be done in an effort to destroy the NDC as Minister of Home Affairs [Stephen Kampyongo] would see to it that NDC was deregistered.

He said all the information he was disclosing was from his impeccable sources at State House.