Prophecy Confirmed: Prophet Mesala Saw Mugabe Dying In 2019

Prophecy Confirmed: Prophet Mesala Saw Mugabe Dying  In 2019

Zambian flamboyant controversial prophet Shephered Mesala has continued making international headlines because of his accurate in prophecy.

In December 2018 he gave a prophecy of 2019 which circulated country wide were he mentioned what will be happening in 2019 .

Prophet shepherd Mesala  said that Robert Mugabe  will die within 2019 because his time has finished on Earth , the most accurate prophet. He further went on to say that Zambia will experience hunger in 2019 because of the droughts which will take place in other parts of Zambia .

Prophet Shepherd Mesala  went on speaking the mind of God on how 2019 will be , he mentioned on the national dialogue that it will not be successful because it’s a trap to opposition parties .

According to prime TV news, Prophet Mesala gave a prophecy on the ongoing xenophobia protest in South Africa .

Many Zambians are wittiness of this prophecy because it went viral .

God is still speaking through his prophets .

For more information contact Prophet Mesala on +260960492784 WhatsApp only.