‘Sex With My Husband Is Like Fighting’- Wife Tells Court

A 31-Year-Old wife of Kalulushi has testified before the local court how she is always tormented when having sex with her husband whom she said is rough, handling her as if they are fighting or leaves her with sores. “My husband is not gentle towards me he has sex with me as if it is a war and this leaving me in a lot of pain and the pain only stops once I sit in salty water,” Sandra Lungu said.

She told the court that her husband, Danny Siamaleki, never used to take off his clothes when they are having sex and that he would only pull down his trousers. Lungu complained that she found her husband’s behaviour to be odd because she was taught that they are supposed to remove all their clothes when having sex. She narrated that her husband is a rough man in bed and that he does not care whether he leaves her with wounds or not.

Lungu also complained that her husband at times forces himself on her without putting her into the mood of having sex. She was testifying in a case in which she sued Siamaleki, 40, for divorce on grounds that he does not support his family. The two got married in 2002 and they have five children together. Lungu told the court that problems in their marriage started just after they got married.

Lungu told the court that her husband does not support his family and that he at times leaves a K10 for her to buy the relish. She also complained that her husband does not support his children to school. Lungu asked the court to grant them divorce so that she can be protected from his ill treatment. But Siamaleki refuted his wife’s allegations and accused his wife of having a boyfriend.

He complained to the court that his wife tells him that she has a boyfriend so that she can know how it feels like to have sex with another man. Siamaleki also asked the court to grant them divorce because he does not want to be infected with HIV due to his wife’s promiscuity. Kalulushi senior local court Fredrick Ndhlovu granted the couple divorce after the court proved that Lungu was unhappy in her marriage. Magistrate Ndhlovu also ordered Siamalek to compensate his wife with K5000 by K150 monthly instalments.