Zambian Man Jailed 45-Years For Raping His Grandma

Zambian Man Jailed 45-Years For Raping His Grandma

A TWENTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD man of Chisamba will spend 45 years in jail for raping his 82-year-old grandmother after threatening to kill her. Kabwe High Court Judge Kelvin Limbani sent to jail Sapran Musekewa on Thursday, describing his behaviour as shameful.

The woman fainted during the ordeal. “I find it very aggravating that you raped your grandmother. I will sentence you with hard labour to 45 years. If you are not satisfied, you can appeal to the Court of Appeal,” Judge Limbani told the convict. O n t h e n i g h t h e r a p e d h i s grandmother, she called him to have food she had prepared for him in her sitting room but he entered her bedroom and raped her. He said Musekewa deserved to be punished for the crime he committed so that he can reform.

“You entered the bedroom, held her by the neck and threatened to kill her; you raped her, she vomited and she fainted,” Judge Limbani said.


The same court has also jailed a 45-year-old father of Serenje for 45 years for having sex with his 18-yearold daughter and impregnating her. Musekewa raped his grandmother on January 19 this year around 02:00 hours when he sneaked into her bedroom where he threatened to kill her.

Before the same court, Matthew Chalwe of Serenje was jailed for incest, an offence he committed between April 1 and November 30 last year. Judge Limbani told Chalwe that he deserved to be punished because a father is not expected to have sex with his biological daughter and even making her pregnant. Judge Limbani also said as a married man, Chalwe had open rights to have sex with his wife but he was having sex with his daughter. He said such behaviour is unacceptable.

“Your wife tried to reason with you but to no avail and after the incident you claimed charms were used on you, which was an afterthought. Your behaviour is strange,” Judge Limbani said. He said the offence of incest carried a minimum sentence of 20 years imprisonment with hard labour up to a maximum of life imprisonment. Judge Limbani said the convict needed a severe punishment for him to have enough time to reflect on his actions. “Having considered all the above circumstances and the facts, I will sentence you to 45 years imprisonment.” Judge Limbani said