Emirates Gives Zambian Cabin Crew An Experience Of A Lifetime

Emirates Gives Zambian Cabin Crew An Experience Of A Lifetime

AFTER four years working as a cabin crew member with Emirates, Zambia’s Lunda Mutwale has enough stories to last a lifetime. From the excitement of Dubai to the food of Japan – she has experienced the world; but she never forgets home, especially its friendly people and her favourite food.

Ms Mutwale had dreamt of becoming an airline cabin crew member since she was a little girl, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would be working for one of the best airlines in the world, Emirates.

Her career in aviation began after her sister, who was a cabin crew member, encouraged her to study an aviation-related course. She then moved to South Africa to do a flight attendant course.

“I went to Cranfield Aviation School in South Africa to do a 20-week course for flight attendants, hoping to join a local airline, but they weren’t employing at that time.” Her disappointment at not finding a job was short lived. She applied to Emirates and attended one of the airline’s open days. Soon after she was selected for final interviews and a month later, she was hired.

Ms Mutwale, who has worked with Emirates for the last four years, is part of the airline’s cabin crew. Her role involves her attending to passengers and making their travel experience a safe, pleasant and happy one – a task she really enjoys.
Apart from interacting with passengers, Ms Mutwale also enjoys other aspects of being part of the airline.

“Emirates is very multicultural. The atmosphere is so diverse. I get the chance to travel the world and stay at luxurious four- and five-star hotels, during out stopovers. Overall, I have been learning, growing and experiencing a lot, with stories I get to hear from passengers and colleagues to last me a lifetime.”
During her career with the airline, Ms Mutwale has travelled the world and has experienced different people and cultures. Her favourite destination is Japan.

“I had high expectations of Japan after seeing some highlights of it on the television, and when you have high expectations you can be easily disappointed; but Japan didn’t disappoint. The culture and habits differ from many other countries. I love Asian food and Japanese food is just as great as the country itself.”

When she is not travelling the world, Ms Mutwale is based in Dubai, where the Emirates hub is located.

“Living in Dubai helps you gain international exposure and skills – a great chance to interact with other nationalities. Dubai has provided a comfortable and safe environment. It is an exciting and happening city and a place to be if you want to enjoy your social life and working life.”

Although she loves living in Dubai she still takes time to go home; “I get to go home at least three times a year and I love it. Zambia has the friendliest people, and peace is a word that would define Zambia. The food is irreplaceable and delicious. I also get to see my family which is a great bonus.”

As a frequent traveller Ms Mutwale has perfected a must-have list for travellers.

“Always have a camera to capture the memories, a travel wallet to keep your important documents and a portable power source,” she advises.

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