Malama: Lungu Must Address The Nation, Give Direction Where we Are Going

My Humble appeal to the President H.E Edger Chagwa Lungu, Please consider addressing the Nation, we have so many Economic Challenges that needs serious attention. This is the time we need you more close to us than ever before. Share your working plans towards alleviating poverty in our country.

Mr President People are suffering, I know it’s not entirely your fault that people are faced with hunger and so many economic challenges but it’s your responsibility together with your Ministers to instill hope in us through giving us clear road Maps of what you are working on unlike being in the dark.

Don’t ignore giving us hope & direction, we voted for you to sort out our problems & finding solution to all our challenges. Our economy is collapsing and we keep on getting conflicting statements from your Ministers, hence we are now believing anything we hear from social media.

Mr President remember that You are not answerable to your Minister’s and advisors you are answerable to the people of Zambia who elected you to be the head of state.

The People of Zambia voted for you Mr President, they never voted for any Minister or any of your advisors to be the head of state.The people of Zambia want an equal society.kindly talk to us we really miss knowing where we are going as a Nation.

Some of Your Ministers are like an illiteting mosquito in the ears of Zambians, because of the conflicting statements coming from your Ministers. Please save the Zambian people from this irritation by holding a press conference and guide the nation to avoid speculations.

We have suffered enough we can’t just stand seeing same people getting rich and richer everyday while the majority are suffering day in day out. Act now and bring the right people in your cabinet, remember your support is not a constituency like your Ministers, yours is the entire country. You have our support in your fight to improve our lives.

Your excellence I Wil appreciate if my humble request Wil be considered. God bless you, God bless our Nation.

By Mr Mindset