Over 40 ZRA Employees Lose Employment Just As Prophet Mesala Prophecied

Over 40 ZRA Employees Lose Employment Just As Prophet Mesala Prophecied

Last Friday a lot of ZRA employee were phoned to bring their grade 12 certificates were more than 40 people received suspension letters because of not having a full grade 12 certificate. According to the reports zra will terminate all employees who do not have a full grade 12 certificate as we are speaking now more than 40 employees received their termination letters .

Prophet Shepherded Mesala
May ,22 2019 , A Zambian born flamboyant prophet shepherd m mesala gave a prophecy warning ZRA employees that they will lose employment if they will did not seek the face of God but it happened just as it’s every time in Zambia people begins to mock men of God wen they speak the mind of God .

Today , it’s a reality as prophet shepherd m mesala has been vindicated after insult and redicules from members of the public and non -christians .

Just like the Bible teaches us to listen wen a prophet of God speaks , over 40 Zambia revenue authority employees have been suspended from employment .

Some have been told told to write resignation letter because if they dismiss them from work they will not get their benefits .

Prophet shepherd mesala has been giving so many accurate prophecies for nations , for those who want to confirm the prophecy of ZRA losing jobs go on prophet shepherd m mesala face book page you will find it

For more information you can contact prophet shepherd m mesala on +260960492784