Lusambo: Kambwili Is Offside! Its Not Wrong For President Lungu To be Close To a Drug Baron & FBI Most Wanted Criminal

Lusambo: Kambwili Is Offside! Its Not Wrong For President Lungu To be Close To a Drug Baron & FBI Most Wanted Criminal

Now that Chishimba Kambwili does not have a political party, he has resorted to desperate means of attempting to stay politically relevant.

His latest rantings about His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s friendships with some citizens among then Valden Findlay is one such classless attempt at earning some cheap political points.

No matter how loud Kambwili wants to shout, the fact will remain that as both Head of State and individual, President Lungu has every right to make and keep friends without seeking consent from Kambwili.

Kambwili should know that there is a thin line between politics and hate and what we are seeing from him now is frustration and lots of hate.

It is and will never be Kambwili’s job to approve of the people that President Lungu associates with, in any case, if Kambwili wishes to know, Mr Findlay and President Lungu have been friends for a long time.

Kambwili should be reminded that President Lungu had a successful career as a practicing lawyer way before joining politics and his law practice obviously enabled him to meet a lot of his people some with whom he has maintained contacts. The fact that he has now moved into State House does not mean that he should discard all his friends just to please people like Kambwili.

If Kambwili wants to talk about Mr. Findlay, he should first check his personal history.

Up to now, Zambians have been wanting answers from him about the stripping off of the railway line between Ndola and Luanshya and the looting of public assets in Luanshya, Chingola and Chililabombwe.

It is easy to see that Kambwili wants to provoke President Lungu with his senseless ranting but I would like to warn him that he will not manage to provoke the President when we are there to protect the Presidency.

The truth is that Kambwili is not seeing Findlay with President Lungu for the first time today. Mr. Findlay has been a business man for a long time in this country and has contributed a lot in creation to this great nation.

Here is some free advice for Kambwili. Mr. Findlay and any other Zambians and have every right to get jobs at any time from the public and private sectors as long as they qualify for such jobs.

As a former Foreign Affairs Minister, Kambwili should know that Zambia is a sovereign state and we have credible state institutions that can carry out investigations, it is folly and unpatriotic for Kambwili to be calling on other nations to come and carry out investigations on our citizens. Clearly, it is time for Kambwili to sit down and shut up.

As nation, it’s our prayer that as Kambwili looks for another political party to join, he can start doing better politics but again knowing Kambwili, it very difficult for him to practice clean politics because his brain and his mouth do not coordinate, he thinks from his tummy.

Bowman Lusambo
Lusaka Province Minister