Noah Mapalo Donates To Mtendere Girls… As Priscilla Pays Tribute To Young Gender Activist Tulani Banda for her distinguished works

Inspired by Jesus Christ’s Scripture in the New Testament, “give and you shall be given,” United Kingdom(UK)-based Priscilla Muyatwa took a humble initiative of establishing Noah Mapalo Centre, a  Non-Governmental Organisation(NGO) which is reaching out to vulnerable societies. 

Ms Muyatwa says Noah Mapalo aims to give vulnerable communities the dignity of finding sustainable, empowering solutions to their challenging situations.

And Muyatwa has paid special tribute to the young Gender Activist Tulani Tutu Banda for her distinguished works in the Zambian communities .

Meanwhile, Munali Member of Parliament Prof Nkandu Luo said Noah Mapalo’s generosity and policy to work in communities should be commended.

Speaking when Noah Mapalo donated sanitary towels  to Step Up Youth Zambia Girls  National Team and young girls in Mtendere at African Direction, Ms Muyatwa said  the organisation’s current focus is on period poverty and also reflects on the importance of one having a tribe around them.  

She urged Zambians(those who have) to give to the needy, saying God  handsomely rewards those who give.

Muyatwa said it had always been her life  desire to help vulnerable communities, saying her goal was achieved when she founded Noah Mapalo The word “Noah” is derived from the Bible while Mapalo is a bemba word which means gift.

“When I was growing up, I used to tell people that I want to be helping vulnerable people in society when I grow up,” Ms Muyatwa  said, ” This is why, with co-operating partners, I hold dearly, we came up with Noah Mapalo which is touching lives,” she said.

Ms Muyatwa said she is lucky to have a  husband who is on  her side and has been very supportive to her charity works.

“He allows me to do my charity work because he knows I have a childhood passion to help the needy.”

Priscilla has devoted her time helping the poor

And Priscilla urged young people to focus on productive things that would add value to their lives. 
“You should not just complain, do something to improve your livelihood,” she said.

The HIV and AIDS  Higher Education/Higher Education Administration graduate at Thames Valley University showered  praises on young Gender Based Violence(GBV) activist Tulani  for coming up with innovative art(making traditional bungles from disposable plastic bottles).

Tulani is  teaching young people between the age of 8 and 14 to invent bungles made out of disposable plastic bottles and plastics and they are dressed in a piece of chitenge material.
Ms Muyatwa said such innovation must be encouraged and are worth imitating by youths across the country.
“Noah Mapalo is going to buy these traditional bungles  and sell them in UK and in turn, the money will come back to Zambia to help vulnerable societies,” she  promised.

Children Noah Mapalo is helping

And Prof Luo welcomed Noah Mapalo’s donation of sanitary towels to Step Up Youth Zambia.
“I am happy to be part of this historical event here in Mtendere. Step Up Youth Zambia is one of the youth oriented organisations working not only with my office but also for young people around this community,” she said, ” In this regard, I want to thank the benefactor for thinking of coming to help these young girls here in Mtendere. Your heart and policy to work in communities should be commended.”

Tulani with Bflow

Prof Luo said the sanitary towels will not only help girls to maintain cleanliness but it will also give them self confidence and self esteem.
And speaking at the same event, Gender Based Violence(GBV) ambassador and renowned Zambian musician Bflow, real name Brian Bwembya explained the traumatizing life he went through before making it big in life.
Bflow said he was living in the jaws of poverty as young person, selling sweets in the streets of Kabwe town but  he is a super star.
Tulani sparked the event with her famous song Vimwambo which discourages GBV.