Pastor Bishop Kapaba Lays Out Signs Of How to Spot a Wife Material in a Woman

Pastor Bishop Kapaba Lays Out Signs Of How to Spot a Wife Material in a Woman

Pastor Kapaba Mumba
Bishop Haggai Mumba Kapaba (in picture) writes…

Signs of a wife material

Many people keep asking me this question saying papa how can you know that a woman is a wife material?
To answer this question I want to use the words of Paul in Roman’s which says the law is good.
A wife material operate with regulatory approval.
A body of a wife is regulated
The bible does not say that he who finds a woman, it says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from God.
A wife material has a regulated body
She is not available every time
She is not sexy every time
She has days when she wants to be kissed and days when just wants to be looked at.
Men who can’t afford a wife material end up with prostitutes because for a prostitute sex is available even when she is having periods.

A wife material respects her body and does not start what does not satisfy her nor the man she loves
When a wife material gives you sex she communicates.
When a prostitute gives you she screams just to confuse you.
A wife material cares more about her needs and your needs.
A wife material is family owned that is why you can’t get her cheap
You buy a wife material
You bribe a non wife material
As a man you need to study the regulations on the body of a wife material.
A wife material respects traditional teachings
A wife material gives you heaven and makes you see the beauty of the stars.
She cares for her kids and you
She wants to see the best in all you do
She protects you from anything that would harm you.

Even if she was given a gun to shoot you she would rather shoot herself because to her your life is everything she has.
Many women are divorced today because they are ordinary women and not wives.
A wife knows when to shave you
A wife knows where to kiss you
A wife knows how to regulate your money.
A wife knows how to listen when you talk
A wife endures your ignorance
A wife has true friends
Wife material in Zambia are there but they are like lotto
To get them you have to keep trying till you get it.
To a wife material sex is not only sleeping with her, to her sex is friendship when she wants she says hey baby am cold can we take a ride?

Ordinary women wait for a man to say he wants,which has turned men into dogs than real humans.
Sex is nice when two people get involved
Wife material asks her man if he was happy or she needs to improve
She asks how she should dance when giving him
She asks how she should scream when receiving the anointing.
She asks how to handle the anointing
She tells him if she did not enjoy or if she is not done.
She will be like, honey take me to heaven also.
Sentiments of family life.

If I was to teach what God tells me a lot of women wouldn’t love me because they are lazy and most of them are not wife material but job seekers. All they want is shelter and not love.