Dog Owner n court for boy’s death

A LUSAKA resident whose three dogs killed an eight-year-old boy in Meanwood Ndeke yesterday appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court facing manslaughter. Womba Samakai, 30, of Meanwood Ndeke, was arrested and charged with manslaughter for allegedly causing the death of Gift Phiri on July 14 this year. Gift was mauled to death by the three German Shepherd dogs near his parents’ home where he was with friends.

The incident happened when Samakai opened the gate to residence so that he could drive in. It was at this point that his three dogs came out and attacked the boy, who was walking on the road. The incident sparked outrage with Samakai’s neighbours threatening to damage his property in protest against the death of the child. The three dogs were shot dead by police.

The angry mob forced police to evacuate Samakai and his family to safety before arresting and charging him with the offence. Samakai appeared before Lusaka magistrate Annie Holland for explanation of the charge. Samakai said he understood the charge. Magistrate Holland told Samakai that he was only appearing before her for mention because manslaughter is only triable by the High Court.

She said Samakai will continue to appear before her, awaiting issuance of a certificate of committal to the High Court for trial. But at this point, the State informed Magistrate Holland that it had received Samakai’s certificate of committal to the High Court. ‘

Magistrate Holland then ordered that Samakai be committed to the High Court for trial. Samakai, who was accompanied by his father, then left the courtroom and was met in the corridors by a horde of journalists jostling to take pictures of him.

The accused rushed to his car and walked behind his father to shield his face from the cameras and prying journalists.

Meanwhile, trial in a case former Roan lawmaker Chishimba Kambwili is charged with forgery yesterday failed to take off because the opposition leader is said to have been struck with malaria. When the matter came up before Lusaka magistrate David Simusamba, the court heard that Kambwili is unwell. The matter was adjourned to October 17 this year for possible trial