In Shame, Mugabe Abandoned His Own Daughter…As Zambians Hero Worships Him


In 1954, Mugabe began an affair with Dorothy Ncube, a Ndebele
girl who was his pupil at Hope Fountain Mission, a school located just outside Bulawayo. In no time, Dorothy was pregnant; Mugabe had scandalised the reputable London Missionary Society institution. He was fired and slapped with a lifetime teaching ban. Leaving behind a young pregnant girl, Mugabe moved to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) but couldn’t stay longer as the issue followed him there. He then moved to Ghana. However, as is known, he finally returned to Southern Rhodesia (Zim). Meanwhile, Dorothy was to give birth to a baby girl. She named her Siphiwe and raised her alone. Young Siphiwe was to later finish her O Levels at Tekwani High School in the 1970’s. She was to train as a nurse at Mpilo Hospital (Bulawayo) where she also worked. On becoming PM in 1980, Mugabe ensured that Siphiwe remained a secret; he was somehow embarrassed of her and still bitter over the whole issue especially the ban. To revive his teaching carrear, and perhaps to also atone for the Hope Fountain scandal, Mugabe opened a school inside the State House where then minister, Joice Mujuru, enrolled. He would teach his students after work till late in the night. Meanwhile, in Bulawayo, Siphiwe remained unknown, working at Mpilo. After being harrassed by Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents whose task was to ensure that her existence remained a secret and that she never divulged who her father was, Siphiwe left Zimbabwe in 1986. This was at the height of the Gukurahundi-a bloodshed which has since been declared genocide. Siphiwe settled in Canada where she is still based working as a nurse in Prince George BC. She is married with three daughters and a boy. The boy, who is a twin, is a spitting image of a young Mugabe. Siphiwe looks exactly like Bona; chin, lips everything. Her husband and kids’ names have all been supplied together with pictures. Dorothy, now in her 80’s, lives in Douglasdale near Hope Fountain; she has also lived in Vancouver, Canada before. Full story to be published soon with full details in a Zim newspaper to be announced. Asante Sana; Zikomo.