We Will Empower Zambians With Title Deeds-Leadership Movement

Leadership Movement(LM)  president Richards Silumbe   has pledged to empower  Zambians with  land title deeds once elected President  in the  2021 General Elections.

LP entourage arriving in Rufunsa

According to Dr Silumbe, if citizens are  empowered with  title deeds , it is easy for them to acquire loans to improve their incomes.

Speaking when he toured Rufunsa District in Lusaka Province, Dr Silumbe said most Zambians were in dire need of title deeds.

He said majority Zambians are occupying land without title deeds, the situation he described as a setback.

“I can see that there is vast land here in Rufunsa District  but most of you have no title deeds. Vote for us in 2021 and we will give each and everyone of you  title deeds. when  have title deeds  you can easily get a loan and consequently improve your livelihood,” Dr Silumbe said.

And Dr Silumba expressed concern at the poor road network in Rufunsa District.

“I have seen the road, it is in poor state but I can assure you that LP will fix it,” said Dr Silumbe in the translated Bemba speech.

The LP leader also expressed concern at the water blues in Rufunsa District.

He said it is unfortunate that Rufunsa residents a trekking miles to access water.

The LP has since offered to maintain the only Borehole that caters for hundreds of village Rufunsa district which lies a few Kilometres away from Lusaka has not been spared from the hunger and water problems that many other districts are faced with in the country following a poor 2018-2019 rainy season.

  Rufunsa’s Manyunga village Headwoman Beauty Nymundela narrated how difficult it has been for the villagers.

   “We are complaining…we have a lot of problems. People here are living like wild animals. We have no food as you can see from how our fields are looking.               There is hunger in this area, we have no water  and no  roads. Our Children have to walk long distances to go to school. Am so happy that we have people who         have come to help, Headwoman Munyunga narrated.

   However, Dr Silumbe and other party officials visited the people of Manyunga Village in an effort to see how they live and hear what problems they are face              with on a daily basis. He promised to lessen the burden of village in every possible way.

   Dr. Silumbe, however, said despite people having vast land,  they could not develop them in an absence of tittle deeds.

   “We came so that we can talk with you. We are surprised that you have vast land which is not on title. If you had title deeds, you could not be suffering like this.   This land you have can allow you get loans from banks which can help you in your agriculture activities,” Dr. Silumbe.

Foreigners cannot bring development to our country. They do not come to help, they only come to steal our resources. Development is when are working  for ourselves,” Dr. Silumbe added.

Meanwhile, Leadership Movement (LM) National Chairman David Kalumba assured Mayunga Village residents that the party had their interests at heart.

“kuno ku Rufunsa mwaikala natwishiiba ati namukwata amafya ayengi sana (mulinama problems yambili) more especially chipatala chamene mulinacho kuno cha Mission takwaba ichipatala chimbi.Imisebo natuimona naibipa sana ” Mr. Kalumba noted in both bemba and Nyanja loosely translated as (We know that here in Rufunsa, you are facing many challenges more especially health care. The only mission hospital here in Rufunsa is not enough to cater for the grow population and the road is in poor state).