Malama: President Lungu’s Speech Failed to Inspire, Guide & Give Hope to The Poor Zambians

Malama: President Lungu’s Speech Failed to Inspire, Guide & Give Hope to The Poor Zambians

How can a President be allowed to make such a Speech to the whole National. Even a technocrat like a Minister of Finance failed to write an inspiring Speech for the President. If the Minister can not influence the President then we are in big trouble as a nation

Almost half of the Presidential Speech as attribute the decline in Economic Growth & it’s Challenges to CLIMATE CHANGE. When Government has accumulated over US$16 billion external debt. Out of this over 55% going on roads alone with little going towards investment and Climate Change Mitigation like renewable energy and irrigation.

Did climate change force Government to borrow money? Is high levels of corruption caused by climate change? Is lawlessness by Cadres caused by climate change? Is 48 houses part of climate change? Is luck of Medicine caused by climate change? Is high levels of unemployment caused by climate change? Is the failed mealing plant project caused by climate change?

We know Climate Change is a big problem in the all world. We know it & we don’t want to be reminded. All we need is solutions that’s the Primary reason we voted you in power. Climate change is not the cause for Zambia’s Economic problems. If anything climate change as only contributed less than 10%. The speech never gave solutions to problems facing Zambia, all I heard is cries of Climate change throughout half of the speech.

We vote for leaders to solve and find Solution to our Problems not having leaders conderming the problem, so that people believe they are suffering because of the problem and not that leaders have failed to find solution to their problems. This level of mediocrity is unacceptable and will destroy this country.

What a disaster we have put ourselves in as a country by Missing up an opportunity to lay a Road map on how we will move as a nation amidst challenges.The speech was nothing but shallow Policy Statement from the President.

Zambian soil can feed the whole of Africa but our problem is just one ‘LEADERSHIP’ Not CLIMATE CHANGE.

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