Top Star Zambia CEO Deported for Being Abusive

Top Star Zambia CEO Deported for Being Abusive

The Chief Executive Office of Top Star Communications Company Limited, Mr. Yi Jian (36), Chinese, has been deported.

He was deported on Thursday, 12th September, 2019 under a warrant signed by the Minister of Home Affairs because there were reasonable grounds to believe that his presence in Zambia and conduct were likely to be a danger to peace and good order.

This is in accordance with section 39 (2) of the Immigration and Deportation Act No. 18 of 2010 of the laws of Zambia.

Mr. Yi Jian is on record to have used derogatory and abusive language, not only towards employees of Top Star, but also towards Government Officials, on multiple occasions.

Further, during his time as Chief Executive Officer, the company has been abrogating certain provisions of the Employment Code No. 3 of 2019.

Mr, Yi Jian was deported to his country of origin via Kenneth Kaunda International Airport around 22:30 hours, aboard an Emirates Flight