Tragedy Strikes as Luanshya illegal Miner Dies at 14 Shaft Curved Area

Tragedy Strikes as Luanshya illegal Miner Dies  at 14 Shaft Curved Area

An illegal miner has died at Luanshya Copper Mines 14 shaft curved area after rocks fell on him just 3 days after Luanshya District Commissioner withdrew police from the area saying the illegal miners were not at risk. Sources at Luanshya Central police have disclosed that Joseph Simfukwe, aged 25 of house number 269 Mikomfwa died on Monday 9 September 2019 and has since been buried. Police sources disclosed that the mine had raised concerns about the safety of illegal miners and requested for additional police presence in the area. And police in Luanshya have blamed the District Commissioner for the death of the illegal miner. The Police sources claim that the DC is the one who removed the police from the site where illegal miners were conducting their activities saying that the boys were Patriotic Front members. The senior police officer who was responsible for deploying officers to that area has since been transferred. Meanwhile the DC is trying frantically to ensure that the story does not get to the media. “What happened is that Luanshya Copper Mines wrote to us at Central Police requesting for extra man power because we provide security to the Mines at a fee, we went to see the area in question but we were shocked to see the District Commissioner Patrick Maipambe in our entourage. ” Police sources further claim that Mr Maipambe told the Mine management that there were not enough policemen to be given to the mine especially that the area in question was not a priority area. Following the withdrawal of police presence from the area, there was a sudden increase of illegal miners with some mounting PF chitenge material as flags signifying the take over of the territory. The area in within the Luanshya Copper Mines licensed area but was heavily undermined during ZCCM times but illegal miners scavenge for the remnants low grade oxide.