PF SG Davis MwilaThreatens ZNBC Staff


PF SG Davies Mwila has threatened to dismiss any member of the ZNBC Staff who proceeds to air any part of the Press Briefing held Kelvin Fine Bwalya – KBF earlier today.

It has apparently angered Mr Mwila that ZNBC staff did not seek clearance from the PF Secretariat before covering the KBF event at which he spoke on the need to respect and protect the institution of the Presidency.

Sources within the system have however indicated that the powers higher than Mr.Mwila have seen nothing wrong in both ZNBC covering KBF and in what KBF said with a source inside the Presidency stating that “It is shocking to see a person Mwila reported to have been working against the President, doing what Mwila should have done in strategically guiding the Presidency and opening it’s eyes to where its focus should be”.

More details to follow…